At Yarlside our Geography curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to develop essential skills and acquire knowledge, through a broad and enriching range of leaning experiences.  This enables Yarlside pupils to become independent, successful learners and confident thinkers who have responsibility for their world.


At Yarlside, Geography helps children to gain a greater understanding of the ways of life and cultures of people in other places. This will help to enable children to take responsibility for their role in society and to develop a caring attitude towards others, animals and plants in our environment.

Children study their local area, contrasting places in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. The study of the local area forms an important part of the Geography taught in our ­­­­­trust and activities are planned to build upon the children’s knowledge and understanding of the local area.


Throughout their time at Yarlside, children will have had opportunities to:

– Explore local, national and global scales of activity

– Participate in residential visits

– Compare the similarities and differences of their local area with those of a location in the wider world.

– Develop field study and Geographical enquiry skills

– Interpret a range of sources of geographical information including maps, globes and aerial photographs.

Geography at Yarlside takes advantage of the wonder surroundings Cumbria has to offer.