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It is important that your child is reading regularly at home. In Year 4, children are expected to read at least 5 times a week for about 10 minutes.

Please use this time to discuss the book and ask appropriate questions to further develop comprehension skills. Reading can be done independently, although it is still important that your child reads aloud regularly too. Please ensure that you, or your child, add a comment to their reading record each time they read.

Children’s reading records are checked every Friday.  Rewards will be given for 5 reads a week.

Children can change their books once they have finished reading them and that you are happy that they have fully understood what they have read.

Big Maths Challenges:

CLIC, Learn Its and SAFE challenges are tested each Friday online. Your child can login at home to see their most recent score. Copies of all the challenges are available on the school website for the children to practise at home (please see link below). 

High Frequency Words:

Each half term, children will be tested on a set of High Frequency words (there are 6 lists in total). These words appear frequently in their reading books as children move through the school and are used frequently when writing. We will identify the words your child needs to learn and they will be able to practise them during registration time. Your child will be told which list they are working on so that they can practise at home. The lists can be found below. 

Weekly Spellings:

Each Monday, children are introduced to their spelling focus and pattern during our Read Write Inc Spelling lesson. They will be given tips on how to remember to use the pattern and any rules that may apply. The children will be tested on these words every Friday. Please find this week’s list below.

Maths Homework Books:

Children will bring home maths homework books and they will be asked to complete certain pages each week. The aim of this homework is for the children to consolidate the lessons we have completed in school. 

Pages will be assigned each Wednesday and the children should complete them ready for the following Wednesday. Therefore they need to bring their book into school every Wednesday so that we can go through the answers from the previous week and set the pages for the next week. The page numbers will be posted below each week. 

Please note that the final question on each page is a challenge. The children should have a go if they can but if they find it difficult, please do not worry. We will work through it together in class when we mark the books. 

Year 4 Core Books

Core Books are a selection of carefully picked texts to support children in their development as readers. An important function of the Core Book collection is to give children a wider range of titles, authors and genres that they might not otherwise come across.

Year 4’s Core Books in Spring term are:
The Accidental Prime Minister
Inside The Villains
The Great Chocoplot
Real-Life Mysteries
The Legend of Podkin One Ear
Please Mrs Butler

One of the Core Books will be used as the class book each term, and will be read aloud to the children. Our class book this term is, The Accidental Prime Minister. Children will be encouraged to read the other Core Books at school or at home.

Physical Education

Please ensure that children have their full PE kit in school and that it is clearly labelled. Long hair must be tied back and no jewellery is to be worn. Trainers and jogging suits may be needed for outdoor sessions so please ensure these are in school too. 

Year 4 will complete 2 PE lessons a week in school. 1 lesson will be on a Wednesday afternoon and another on a Friday morning. 

Online Resources

Children are encouraged to practise their times tables on ‘TTRockstars’, which is a fun website where children can practise and improve their own scores. They can also compete against others in the class and also against other children across the world – they love it!

Times Tables 

Each week in school we practise our times tables and test the children on the tables they are working on and a mixture of all the tables. This is a useful website for practising times tables. 

Big Maths Online
Children can view their most recent scores on the Big Maths website. 

Mathletics has lots of activities that the children can access to practise what they have been learning in class. Activities will be released once we have covered the learning objective in class.

Purple Mash
Purple Mash has a wide range of games, tools and activities which the children can access at home. We will be using this website to learn about Coding.