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Class Teacher: Mrs Turner
Senior Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mason


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Topic: Growing and Springtime

This half term our topic is Growing and Springtime.  The children will learning about growing by planting seeds, bulbs and plants. They will also be learning about the life cycle of a frog when visit our school pond to find frogs in their natural habitat and observing the frog spawn. The children will also the thinking of how our foods choices help us to grow and develop healthy.

The children will also be finding out and taking part in Springtime and Easter celebrations.

Little Big Maths

The children take part in Little Big Maths activities throughout the week.

Early Phonics​

In the autumn and spring terms, we will be focusing on reading lots of stories and rhymes to the children and developing their love of books.

We will also be playing rhyming and listening games to help develop their listening skills, as well as planned talk times to introduce new vocabulary and promote good communication skills.

Borrowing Books

Each Friday the children will be able to take one of the ‘Borrowing Books’ from Nursery home, so as a family you can have a new story to read together. We do also encourage the children to bring in their favourite storybooks from home so we can read and share them with the class.