Children are encouraged to complete homework activities from Reception. We encourage parents to become involved in their child’s learning by helping and supporting their work at home.

One key area in which parents can support learning is through encouraging their child to read a wide variety of books.

Reading books are sent home regularly and should be read with a parent at home. All children are expected to read at home every day and the length of time for this depends on the age and ability of the child. Home/school reading diaries are sent home with a child’s reading book and are used as a communication between home and school.

Weekly spellings are sent home from Years 1 to 6. Children are expected to learn these for weekly tests.

Big Maths ‘Learn It’s’ facts are sent home from Reception to Year 6. Children are expected to learn these for weekly Big Maths ‘Beat that’ timed tests.

Occasionally other homework linked to current teaching of class themed topic work will be sent home and is aimed to reinforce and extend children’s learning in school.

Parent Involvement in School

We very much promote parental involvement in supporting learning in school, as well as at home.

We encourage parents to help in classrooms by supporting various curriculum activities. It is always helpful to have extra adults in a classroom to supervise small groups of children carrying out an independent activity.

Some parents come into school to listen to children read and this is extremely valuable in helping children to improve their reading skills.

Parents sometimes help by transporting children to places of interest or to play in sports matches.

Any support from parents is greatly appreciated and valued by all the staff.

If you are interested in helping in school, please inform the class teacher or the Head teacher.