Health & Sex Education

At Yarlside, children participate in an on-going health education programme, which gives the children opportunities to explore issues such as growth, relationships, personal safety and the need for hygiene and respect for themselves and for others.

As a parent you are the key figure in helping your child to cope with the physical and emotional aspects of growing up. As a school we play a supportive role in providing a caring environment where the emphasis is placed on the development and acquisition of skills

We encourage open and honest questions and answers in order to satisfy, at the appropriate level, a child’s curiosity. Either through topic/themed work or through specific interests, opportunities will be taken to discuss seeds, growing, embryos, birth and bodies relating to the general cycle of plant, human and animal life.

Sex education is taught in Years 5 and 6. The class teacher and the school nurse teach sessions relating to different aspects of sex education including puberty and relationships. Parents are informed when sex education will take place and can view any of the materials that are used.